Christof Vonderau
classical repertoire

Three Cars on the Moon
Christof Vonderau - guitar
Hiko Iizuka-alto flute
Christoph Igelbrink- violoncello
Laurentiu Dinca-violin,
Eva Schulze-harpsichord

recorded 4th/5th of December 2011 at Andreaskirche, Berlin


All before me lies bathed in the strong light of sun and sea, forming a dazzling contrast to the land behind me. Here lies the flat, marshy tundra, apparently a land of dead monotony, but in reality a plain realm, with the life of the plain in game and sounds; a lowland which, unbroken by any range of hills, extends through a world of rivers and lakes to places with a distant ring,…“
(Knud Rasmussen)
The seemingly improvised music provides rooms although for the listener, the immanent topic is ambivalence, demonstrating that contradictions can harmonically coexist by making them clearly apparent.
(FAZ 96)

  1. soria moria
  2. ad narragonia
  3. panorama
  4. wild forms
  5. blaues abendlicht
  6. havet
  7. tarleton variation
  8. polar
  9. prelude
  10. mr.dowland’s midnight
  11. complaint
  12. quatro diferencias
  13. wellen
  14. complaint variation I
  15. variation II
  16. mittsommer                          
Total : 40:56

Christof Vonderau - guitar

recorded 15th/16th of January 1996 at the Jesus-Christus-Kirche, Berlin
sound engineer: Eberhard Hinz
cover art: Paul Pfarr


Christof dares to express himself, where others dare not easy to go, his guitar techniques are superb, and his music is very reflecting and intimate, Henk te Veldhuis –Bridge Guitar Reviews.

  1. Fantasia
  2. Fantasie-Improvisation
  3. Hidden Fortress
  4. Grünes Echo
  5. Surfaces in reflections
  6. Fuge BWV 1000
  7. Valsa sem nome
  8. Variation über ein nordestinisches Volkslied
  9. Double BWV 1002
  10. Akademie #1
  11. Akademie  #2
  12. Akademie #3
  13. Akademie#4
  14. High and Low

Total 61:19

Christof Vonderau - guitar
Wu Wei - sheng
Laurentiu Dinca - violine

recorded 28th/29th of April 2001 Studio Babelsberg, Berlin
sound engineer: Eberhard Hinz

jazz/improvisational music

Cave Painting
Seven Compositions consisting of ethno- jazz and classical elements. Soundpaintings, documenting the long time co-operation between Christof Vonderau  (guitar) and Stanislaw Michalak(Bass) during the 1990s expanded by Nirankar Khalsa’s (Archie Shepp, Arthur Blythe) world-percussion.  Modern trio-music as a sound reminiscence to archaic cave painting.

  1. synthax
  2. wild forms II
  3. distant voices
  4. wild forms III
  5. silhouette
  6. panorama
  7. akademie #2                        
Total: 51.00

Christof Vonderau - guitar
Stanislaw Michalak - doublebass
Nirankar Khalsa - percussion

recorded 17th of April 1997 at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin
sound engineer: Matthias Schwab, Elmar Schwinn
mastering. Schalloran Tonstudio, Berlin

Christof Vonderau-guitar Sebastian Bailey.alto saxophone
recorded live at the 10th of September 2011 at the St.Johannes-Evangelist-Church, Berlin
in collaboration with the truth art-project by Ole Schwarz